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Welcome to the WICEN SA website.


WICEN SA is a group of volunteer Radio Amateurs who provide their time and equipment to emergency groups as a specialist support squad under the South Australian State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP).

Working under the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP), WICEN provides radio communications as a participating agency supporting the control agency managing the emergency event and also co-operates directly with the State Emergency Service, The Salvation Army and The Red Cross and any other organisations requesting radio message handling assistance when emergencies arise.


The members of WICEN and other fellow radio amateurs have provided communications for a number of community events including Bicycles SA, Rally of SA., the Classic Adelaide Rally and assists agencies with emergency recovery events.   Some of our events are used as field exercises and training forums to test our radio equipment and operating skills as WICEN radio operators.

Some WICEN members are also volunteering regularly within other emergency organisations (eg SES, CFS, VMR, St Johns, SAAS, etc),  thus WICEN_SA provides an indepth technical forum and training for radio operations to other volunteer agencies in South Australia

The members enjoy radio as a hobby, for the challenge, personal satisfaction and are life-long learners.  In summary, WICEN has the people, the skills and the equipment to provide radio communications to augment the efforts of the various civil emergency authorities following any serious natural disasters and provides communications for community organisations where safety is paramount.

For more information or membership details please contact the Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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